The perfect bed for you

How to choose the right bed for you

  • Choose a bed with a mattress that supports and conforms to your body – so that your spine is straight even when you lie on your side.

  • Ensure that the mattress provides sufficient pressure relief and avoid mattresses that exert pressure on certain areas of the body. If the mattress is too hard, it inhibits blood circulation, leading to discomfort that can interfere with your night’s sleep. Regardless of how you lie, the mattress should not provide uncomfortable counterpressure.

  • Always try out the bed in the store and try to get comfortable in the sleeping position you normally sleep in. Remember to remove any heavy outwerwear before trying on the bed, as a coat or jacket will act as an extra layer between you and the mattress and prevent you from feeling how your shoulders, back and hips are supported.

  • Lie on the edge of the bed to check if it has good edge stability. This is very important for restful sleep.

  • Make sure the bed is well ventilated. This does not mean that it should blow cool air through the mattress, but that the materials can let both air and moisture through, so you don't get clammy overnight.