Svane® IntelliGel® - both firm and soft at the same time

The gel material has a very special design, a grid designed to both support and give way to pressure. The walls gradually bend under increasing pressure and respond to all parts of your body, providing just the right support where you need it and softness where you need it.

IntelliGel vs. spring technology, what’s the difference?

What are the differences between IntelliGel and spring technology? 
The pocket spring is a coil spring that is higher than the mattress thickness itself. This spring is compressed (pre-tensioned) to fit into a pocket. The coil springs are what we call 'progressive'.  In other words, the more a spring is compressed , the harder it pushes back. This creates pressure on the body. That’s why you have comfort zones in spring mattresses to minimize this problem, thereby minimizing pressure on your body.
IntelliGel is built up in a completely different way, with walls that provide exceptional support, but which in the event of pressure collapse, and thus avoid giving you back pressure, i.e. pressure, against the body.
That’s why IntelliGel is both firm and soft at the same time. You avoid heavy pressure on your body, which is good for your blood circulation and gives you a more peaceful sleep.