However, please note that a warranty only applies to manufacturing defects. In all other respects, the Danish Sale of Goods Act applies, i.e. a 5-year right to complain about manufacturing defects.
The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from the product being used in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer, damage and faults resulting from repairs carried out by persons not authorized by the manufacturer. Any defects/damage must be reported within a reasonable timeframe.
If you wish to make a complaint about your bed, please contact the store where the item was purchased. 
Regardless of the best and first-class raw materials, after a long period of use there will be a gradual reduction in overall comfort. For your own health, it is generally recommended that the mattress is replaced approximately every 15 years.

Mattress conforms to you – not the other way around

The Svane® mattress is designed to provide space where your body needs it, especially in the shoulder and hip area. This is essential to provide the right support and rest. If the mattress shows signs of body prints after a certain amount of use, you can rest easy: This 'setting' is natural and shows that the mattress is working properly.


It often takes a little time for the body to adapt to a new mattress, and a little back fatigue is not unusual at first. The preferred reclining position may also change with a new mattress. 

The reason for this is that muscles and joints adapt to the new surface. This familiarization is temporary, but it is not uncommon for it to take 2–3 months.