IntelliGel – for better sleep quality

Are you longing for the ultimate experience of deep and uninterrupted sleep the leaves you feeling rested and ready for a new day? When we sleep, our bodies and brains recover. The quality of our sleep is therefore at least as important as the number of hours we sleep, and this is where the bed comes in. Because it lays the foundation for your sleep quality. The unique IntelliGel® material ensures that you are always lying in an ergonomically correct position and get optimal sleep quality, which gives you more energy throughout you day.


IntelliGel is made of polymer and non-toxic oil, which is actually the same type of oil used to make baby oil. It emits no fumes and is allergy-friendly.

For cool nights

IntelliGel’s unique cell structure allows air to flow freely, so you can sleep soundly without getting clammy or sweaty.

Intelligent design ensures quality sleep

Jon Anders Høntorp, Director of Product Development at Svane®, has been searching for ways to get the best sleep for more than 20 years. He highlights the unique IntelliGel material of Svane® as the leading innovation in sleep quality. When we tested IntelliGel® for the first time, many people were sceptical. The beds feel different to other beds, and some may find the experience quite unfamiliar at first. But then something happened.