Intelligent design ensures quality sleep

Jon Anders Høntorp, Director of Product Development at Svane®, has been searching for what gives you the best possible sleep for more than 20 years. He highlights Svane®'s unique IntelliGel® material as the leading innovation in sleep quality.
Good sleep is a megatrend – and people are becoming increasingly aware of how important sleep is for both mental and physical health.
- Jon Anders Høntorp
"The first time we tested IntelliGel®, many people were sceptical. The beds feel different to other beds, and some may find it quite unfamiliar at first. But then something happened. After a month, we started getting thank you letters. Many people described that they had gotten rid of back problems, felt more rested and had a better relationship. Some said they had a new life with their new bed," he says.

When you sleep on a mattress from Svane, our goal is always for you to wake up refreshed and ready for a new day, after a night of optimal sleep. In Svane® IntelliGel® Deluxe, for example, this means that 6 cm of IntelliGel® has been moved up into the mattress topper to bring it even closer to the body. A clever attachment to the bed ensures that it always stays in place and works optimally with all types of sheets. "The solution allows you to get the full benefit of IntelliGel®'s motion dampening effect so that you are not disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night," says Høntorp.
And the unique design of IntelliGel® contributes to free air flow and natural ventilation through the mattress, ensuring the right body temperature throughout the night.
"This feature gives the body’s own temperature control the best conditions. When the material also adapts to your body, thus providing good pressure relief and support, the conditions for quality sleep are optimized."


This is IntelliGel®

  • IntelliGel® is a unique material that adapts to your body, providing optimal pressure relief and support. This means you avoid hard pressure on your body, which is good for your blood circulation and gives you a calmer sleep and better rest.

  • The properties of IntelliGel® are not affected by temperature or humidity. With large, continuous channels, a mattress with IntelliGel® will never feel clammy. This is a important benefit as it allows you to maintain a natural body temperature, which naturally decreases at night.

  • IntelliGel® allows the most vulnerable parts of your body, such as your shoulders and hips, to sink deeper into the mattress, while providing support for the rest of the body. It also holds your legs and waist up, keeping your spine straight when lying in bed. This improves sleeping comfort and reduces the risk of back pain.