A new world of comfort – Svane® IntelliGel® Deluxe

The secret behind this unique comfort lies in our innovative mattress topper.  The combination of a thick layer of IntelliGel and a new super soft foam, Softec, gives you unbeatable softness and exceptional support.

Integrated mattress topper

The mattress topper is attached to the bed with a zipper. This eliminates the problem of the mattress topper moving around at night, and instead keeps it in place so that the bed looks neat and elegant.

Easily washable

The cover is fastened with a zipper, which makes it easy to remove for washing and to reattach afterwards. It is also possible to order a new cover for the top mattress when the old cover is worn.

Sustainable textile

The mattress topper cover contains the sustainable textile TencelTM, a light and silky fabric that breathes well and gives you a comfortable temperature when you sleep.