We spend more time at home, and the home has become the family’s microcosm of work, school and leisure. In our safe space, we still want simplicity and preferably fewer things in the home, but are moving further away from the neutral interior in favour of iconic products of high quality that last. Meanwhile, we are seeing that we are daring to experiment more with bolder colors, distinctive shapes and patterns that inspire us and make us feel both happy and houseproud.

Different styles

Furniture trends have gone from dull and gray to more iconic, stylish and colorful. People want beds that fit into their room and that also accentuate their desired mood and style. That’s why we sell beds that we believe will suit every taste, with styles ranging from iconic to Scandinavian and classic. All three styles have different features: the iconic style is one where the designer’s vision is clearly reflected in the shape and color, and where a piece of furniture can be called the designer’s signature piece. The Scandinavian style is modern, warm, timeless and natural, while the classic is more luxurious in its form and choice of materials.

Use of color in the bedroom

When it comes to color, subtle greens are relaxing and easy on the eye, and makes you feel closer to nature.

Warm colors

Warm reds, browns, nutmeg and burnt clay are perceived as warm, cozy, calming colors.

Cool colors

Blues and grays make your bedroom feel calm and comfortable. These colors are classic and timeless.

Yellow tones

Yellow tones: Autumnal colors, cinnamon, Cognac & tobacco, soft ochre are stronger in character and will add spice to your interior.