The background

In 1937, Ekornes launched the first brand of Norwegian furniture production: Svane. Svane has come a long way since 1937, but people’s trust in the brand remains just as strong as it was then. We have always aimed to be an early adopter of new technology and innovative solutions, so that our beds and mattresses provide the best rest and sleeping comfort.

Ekornes’ ongoing commitment to innovation, combined with extensive experience, is what sets Svane beds and mattresses apart from other manufacturers. Because we focus on what’s inside the mattress, we can offer unique comfort for everyone.

IntelliGel – a unique discovery

It was on a business trip in the Netherlands in 1999 that our then CEO, Cato Frimann, discovered an American newspaper on a bar counter. In the newspaper was small ad from an innovation company inviting people to come and see a new and groundbreaking material they had invented. Cato found the description of the material particularly interesting and showed the ad to his colleague and technical manager for Ekornes Beds, Sigmund Ekornes. They agreed that this was an opportunity not to be missed. They booked flights and traveled to Alpine, Utah USA for an initial visit. There they were shown a very early version of IntelliGel. Cato and Sigmund were very interested and talked about Svane and its many products for Norway’s oldest brand in the industry. And so it came to be that Ekornes Beds signed a letter of intent with EdiZone and a long-term and still active collaboration began.
Here too, a journey began for Sigmund Ekornes. He aimed to build the world’s most advanced machine for the production of the new groundbreaking material. When the machine was ready in 2003, Tony and Terry Pearce, the inventors of IntelliGel, were impressed by the production equipment that had been created at Fetsund. And with good reason. Today we know that all IntelliGel produced on Ekornes Beds has been produced on this machine and that the machine is still in full production today, 16 years on. 

Alongside the development of the machine, extensive work began on the design and development of Svane® Zenit. This was the start of the IntelliGel adventure. Svane® Zenit was launched in 2004. The development was done together with a chiropractor, Hans Jørgen Sørensen. In 2006, the Svane® Zefir arrived, which over the years as part of the Svane collection has won everything there is to win in comfort tests and product comparisons.