Svane® mattress toppers

By wicking moisture away from your skin and out of the mattress surface, your mattress topper helps your body to achieve a more comfortable temperature and better sleep. So you don't have to feel clammy and can enjoy the lovely feeling of clean linen.

Cirrus® Fiber in the mattress topper

Cirrus Fiber is a filling material used in the Svane Temptation and Embrace mattresses toppers. Cirrus Fiber prevents vapor from condensing into liquid form and contributes to good ventilation. This keeps the mattress clean and dry.

LatexGel in the mattress topper.

Soft and cocooning comfort

The Svane Embrace mattress topper uses a core of LatexGel, which ensures soft and cocooning comfort. Together with Cirrus Fiber, LatexGel helps effectively reduce cooling time and you fall asleep faster. During the falling asleep phase, the body temperature is naturally lowered. The Cirrus Fiber and LatexGel in the mattress topper help to speed up this process, which in turn means a shorter sleeping phase. The excess heat from the body is stored in the material’s gel granules (the small pieces of gel). When you get up in the morning, the heat is still stored inside the material. The moisture and heat are “squeezed” out of the bed, resulting in a dry, cooled and fresh bed in record time.

Elastec® in the mattress topper

Our product development experts are constantly striving to find new ways to make perfect mattresses and beds. Elastec is a premium synthetic material, which is used in products such as the Svane Pure and Svane Temptation mattress toppers. The material has a unique bounce and conforms to your body – so you get perfect lying comfort. In addition, Elastec breathes well and wicks moisture away from the body. Mattress toppers with Elastec contribute to a more hygienic bed and extend the life of the mattress itself.