Sustainable development

We're not there yet. But we promise that in future, we will work to ensure that beds, mattresses and packaging are as sustainable as possible. Together with our existing and new partners, we will find better alternatives for the environment and people. We will work to offer exchange schemes so that consumers can replace worn, broken parts or parts that can refresh the look of the furniture. Whether we use artificial fiber or natural fiber, we must set requirements for it to be a sustainable solution.
In future, we plan to examine our production, transport, packaging, textiles, technology and working methods to improve and ensure sustainable operations for Ekornes Beds going forward.
But that we’re not good enough doesn't mean we’re not doing a lot already.
These are some of the choices we have made:
  • IntelliGel® - here we reuse all waste from our own production. 
  • Our textiles are produced and dyed in zero-emission processes. 
  • Our textile manufacturers recycle leftovers so that the material does not go to waste.
  • All our products are produced with “Oeko Tex 100” labeled textiles.
  • The wood used in the bed frames is FSC-certified, which means that it comes from environmentally certified forests.
  • We do not use hazardous chemicals or flame retardants in our products.
  • We use partially recycled steel in our springs (approx. 30%).
  • We use as much recycled plastic as possible in our plastic packaging. By maximum we mean the percentage that is recommended for each product so that the strength is not impaired. 
  • We roll-package products to save the environmental impact of transport.

Ekornes and the environment

Ekornes aims to think sustainably in the manufacture, distribution and use of its products.
We will continue to implement measures in the factories that improve the internal and external environment, while at the same time continuing to choose environmentally friendly raw materials. Sustainable production of products with a long service life will continue to be a goal as the company develops.

Our value chain

Ekornes has been working for many years to optimize our value chain. We have a continuous focus on human rights and decent working conditions both at our locations and at our suppliers. All our suppliers must sign their own Supplier Code of Conduct, which focuses on 12 different principles within human rights, corruption and the environment.

Information about our work with the Transparency Act or our value chains can be directed to
Read our report in accordance with the Transparency Act HERE
The following core points must be followed at all stages of our business:
  • Ekornes should be seen as an environmentally friendly company. Our products must have the lowest possible environmental impact
  • Ekornes aims to minimize health risks in the workplace
  • Ekornes invests to avoid damage to health and the environment
  • Environmental information should be publicly available, for example through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Ekornes must be open and honest about how the company manages its environmental responsibility