Seamless comfort zones

AdaptiveZone pocket springs

AdaptiveZone’s unique composition seamlessly balances body weight across 7 zones. 
AdaptiveZone is made of pocket springs. Pocket springs are hardened metal coil springs that are higher than the mattress thickness itself. This spring is compressed (pre-tensioned) to fit into a pocket and then stretches out to the length of the pocket, i.e. the height of the mattress. The coil springs are what is known as 'progressive'.  This means that the more you compress a spring, the harder it is pressed back.
To ensure that this doesn;t create unnecessary counter-pressure against the body, many mattresses have so-called comfort zones. With AdaptiveZone, Svane has solved this by giving the springs in the different zones a different pre-tension, i.e. lower springs where the shoulder should sink down, higher springs where the waist should have support, and medium-high springs for the hip. This is so that the pressure against the body is evenly distributed across the entire body. 
This provides a unique sense of seamlessness in the transition between the different comfort zones. AdaptiveZone in combination with IntelliGel gives you a sensitive and comfortable bed that adapts to every body shape.