PluraZone pocket springs

PluraZone consists of zoned pocket springs of the highest quality. The shoulder zone has an extra soft suspension, so that the shoulders can reach further down into the mattress without resistance. The suspension in the hip zone is a little less soft and fits the shape of the hip. The feathers under the waist and thighs are firmer, as they are primarily intended to provide support and keep you up.

PluraZone mattresses come in two different versions, PluraZone Support, which is 15 cm high, and PluraZone Plus, which is 18 cm.

If you are going to sleep well, the “plumb line” must be straight. This is the invisible line running from the neck, along the spine and down between the heels when lying on your side. A straight plumb line is only possible if the shoulder sinks further into the mattress than the hip.


1. Improved ergonomics with extra soft springs in the shoulder zone 

2. Waist and thighs are properly supported by firmer springs

3. Softer springs at the hips make the spine lie straight