Pick your ideal bed

We all have different sleep- and bed preferences. If you enjoy watching TV or using a tablet while in bed, you may prefer an adjustable bed. Or perhaps your bed simply needs a new mattress? We offer various beds and mattresses to best suit your needs.

No matter which bed you end up choosing, it's what's inside the bed's mattress that determines the quality of your sleep.

  • Did you know that:

    It may take a few weeks for your body to get used to a new mattress.

  • Did you know that:

    Mattresses don't last longer even if you turn them.

  • Did you know that:

    You need less sleep when you sleep well.

Svane® Sleep Cycle

Choosing the right bed involves considering what's on the inside of the mattress. Svane Sleep Cycle is the scientific foundation for your unique sleep comfort.

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